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Michele Perry has been serving customers and helping clients see better in Northern New York for over 33 years.  Born in Massena Michelle graduated from Mater Dei and has gone on to raise a family of 3 and run a customer centric local business helping the North Country See Better for three decades.



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“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter

– often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.”

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Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses

is a simple way to completely transform your look

– just like a new outfit or hair style.

Eye Products

Competence, like truth, beauty

and contact lenses, is in the

eye of the beholder.

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Perry Optical Vision Center II

1125 Arsenal Street

Watertown, NY 13601


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All You Need To Know About Eye Care Centers

Optical center

Are you having a hard time reading the street lights? Or are you having difficulties reading your local daily? Well, it may be time to visit an eye care center.


What is an Eye Care Center?
Eye care center refers to places specializing in optometry services and vision care products. They are places which specialize in anything that has to do with your eyes and eyesight.  An eye care center offers a gamut of services including eye checkups, optical surgery, new contacts, specific contact programs, provision of eyeglasses, eye exams, treatment of eye defects and issues, among others.  Unlike other organs of the body, eyes are quite sensitive, and a simple optical error can lead to severe damages, including loss of sight. Therefore, it`s always crucial that you conduct thorough research before you settle for any eye care center.
So how do you know which is the best eye care center for your family? In the section below, we provide you with a rundown of what makes a good eye care center, and what you look for in any optical center.
The first thing to check in any eye care center is their accreditation; the eye center should meet and adhere to the set medical and federal statutory that permit the running of their center.  Equally, you should also ensure that the optician in the facility has been registered by relevant bodies. For instance, here in the US, all optician must be registered with The American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners (ABO-NCLE).  By checking on the licensing and accreditation, you`re assured that you`re in safe hands.
Variety of Specialists
Yes, a good eye care center should exhibit versatility and flexibility. They should have an array of skilled professionals who can handle different optical issues without going over their specialization. Some of the optical specialties include opticians, optometrist, Ophthalmologists, Orthoptist, Ocularist and Ophthalmic medical personnel.  While it`s not necessary to have all the above specialties in a single center, there should be versatility within the medical staff.
A good eye care center ought to have the necessary medical equipment for optical check-ups. Rather than using the old and traditional-style equipment, a good eye center should have state-of-the-art resources that are based on technological advancement for better results.
Dependable and Reliable
All this boil down to the quality of services offered by the eye center. Only choose a center that has a proven track record of offering quality services.  Some of the ways you can know about the level of services provided or quality of service is by asking for recommendations from friends or relatives. Alternatively, you can read online reviews to see what you`re getting.
In as much as they say that you should never factor money when it comes to your health, you do not necessarily have to dig deep into your pockets.
As a rule of thumb, however, ensure that you maximize the value of what you pay; the trick here is to balance between quality and cost. Find a professional care center that is within your budget range, but most importantly, an eye care center that addresses your optical needs.

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